Book:“Many Everests”

An Inspiring Journey of Transforming Dreams into Reality

‘Many Everests: An Inspiring Journey of Transforming Dreams into Reality’ is a thought provoking book, which has tremendous potential to change the way you look at your life. It reveals to you the hidden potential lying idle in you, using what you can fulfill your long cherished dreams, what have been unfulfilled over the years. The book gives you a new approach to life, a new way to make and live a happy, successful and peaceful life. It has been written with the aim to spread the key to success amongst the common people and to ignite the minds of thousands of hopeless people especially youth and students.

manybooks-newAlthough the book depicts the true story of a boy, who, in spite of coming from one of the lowest strata of society and in spite of facing multiple obstructions & hindrances in life, sets up many milestones in the short span of life like clearing IIT Entrance Examination, clearing Civil Services Examination (IAS Examination), climbing Mt. Everest, improving health and wealth status over a short span of time and many more, ranging from the extreme mental activity to extreme physical activity; but the major focus of the book is the well-tried and tested trick to success, what author calls ‘Advanced Positive Visualization’. The beauty of this book is lies in the simple way, in which author has scientifically explained about the reason behind the effectiveness of this new technique by connecting the dots of old as well as modern scientific researches including Einstein’s theory of relativity and yogic research, which is easily understandable by the common people.

Author has further explained how common people can take advantage of this technique by showing its effectiveness in various ups and downs in his own life and by analyzing the positive effect of technique in various ups and downs of life.

To understand the technique deeply and reap its benefit, you are suggested to read the whole book.

Book  “Many Everests” Release by Cabinet Secretary of India book-relase

Dignitaries on the dais releasing the book (L-R):
1. Ms Diksha, IFS 2013, Author’s wife
2. Sri BK Prasad, IAS 1983, Secretary, GOI
3. Sri AK Manocha, CMD IRCTC
4. Sri Sanjay Kothari, IAS 1978, Ex-Secretary DoPT, GOI and present chairman , PESB
5. Sri Pradeep k Sinha , IAS 1977, Cabinet Secretary, GOI
6. Sri Ravindra Kumar, IAS 2011, Author
7. Sri PK Jha, IAS 1982 , Secreatry GOI
8. Sri BK Dubey, IAS 1982, Secretary GOI
9. Shashi Shekhar , IAS 1981, Secretary GOI

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